Information about our kittens

Kittens from Silkiestar leave home with a five generation pedigree, Pet Plan insurance, diet sheet, contract, health record and vaccination card. Show/breed prospective kittens will be registered with a governing body recognised here in UK. They are fully up to date on worm and flea prevention treatments. Raised underfoot in our family they are totally socialised.
We also supply a small hamper which contains a sample of the food they have been raised on, cat litter, toys, tinned and sachet foods and if necessary a blanket that Mummycat has snuggled on.
Our kittens are initially vaccinated and health checked by our vet at approximately 9 weeks old. They are usually given a second vaccination 3 weeks after the first vaccine, which means they will be a minimum of 13 weeks old before they can leave us. I retain the right to delay the vaccination program if I feel it is in the kittens best interest. Please do not ask for a kitten from us if you are intending to leave him or her alone all day. A 'home alone' kitten is an unhappy kitten.     
A non-refundable deposit payable at the time of reservation is required to reserve a kitten. 
We are happy to offer allergy testing with our Siberian kittens. If a kitten is taken home after a successfull allergy sitting, and the new owner has a delayed reaction to the kitten, or a kitten homed and a family member has a allergic reaction, the kitten must be returned to us unless it is agreed that the kitten is rehomed elsewhere.
Please note that under all circumstances any deposits/reservation fee received to book a place on the kitten list or to reserve any kitten, are non-refundable. This also applies to the purchase price of a kitten. 
We do not vaccinate our kittens against Feline Leukemia. We are a 'closed' unit, our cats and kittens do not mix with free-roaming 'moggie' cats. Our kittens are destined for INDOOR only homes .I do not let kittens go to homes where they are allowed to free roam outdoors. My adult cats are tested negative for Feline Aids and Leukemia. Microchipping is recomended at the time of having your kitten nuetered. 

 *We can now offer kittens parental DNA test results and ancestral information. There is a additional charge for this service.