Origins of the Siberian Cat in UK

A group of people who were interested in bringing the Siberian Cat to the United Kingdom, had an informal meeting, and chatted about their aims and hopes for the future of the Siberian Cat. At this meeting it was descided to apply for the recognition of the breed in the U.K. although the breed was already accepted internationally by Fife and Tica.

In the early stages there were two small clubs involved, and representatives from both groups worked together to gain preliminary recognition for the breed. Today only one club, founded in March 2002, remains active, although there are other groups who work together to promote the breed.  The original breeders to import cats to the U.K. in 2002 were myself - Heather (Rice) Sabine, Sue Bellew, Lorraine Brown, and Caroline Gilyeat. Others breeders became involved with the breed at the early stage. Very quickly the breed became extremely popular, and more breeders fell in love with the magic that is the Siberian cat. Cats were registered and shown with the three main registering bodies here in U.K. - TICA, FIFE, and GCCF. 

Here at Silkiestar we promote cats that conform to the original old standard and type found in Russia. The breeding policy and standard of points were carefully chosen and written by the foundation breeders here in UK, with help from Irina Sadovnikova, Russia WCF Judge, and Anne Gregory, United Kingdom Judge.

With TICA and FIFE, the Siberian cat was allowed to qualify for Champion status from its first arrival in the UK therefore many breeders prefer to register and show with either of these registering bodies. I am proud to have been involved with all things appertaining to the Siberian cat, from its  arriving on UK soil, to this present time. Many of our home bred cats have been highly praised by judges and gained best of breed at UK shows.  Newly established breeders in England have chosen cats from our breeding as their foundation cats.  We have a separate page for our show brags.

Silkiestar have superb cats and kittens from old traditional lines, sweet natured, robust, playfull, loving, interactive with their humans, a friend with paws. Raised with love for you to cherish.