Retired Older Cats Availability

We are retiring both some of our cats. Please contact for up to date details. A home check is essential. An adoption fee will be applied. 
We feel that after giving 100% to being a Mummycat, its only correct that our breeding ladies are neutered and retired after having their litters.
Whilst it would be ideal if they could stay with me forever, it is not always practical.
Occasionally we have stunning older cats available. Please contact me for up to date information.
These cats will be fully health checked, and neutered before leaving us. 
A fee will be charged for the adoption of each cat to cover the cost of neutering, etc.
Our cats and kittens are not suitable for a home where they will be allowed to free roam outside. They have lived in our home always, and I would like to see the home they are going to retire to, therefore a home visit will be necessary.