A 'cat breeder' puts a lot of love and time into breeding pedigree kittens. Its is lovely to be able to put many testimonials and pictures on this site, from happy Ragdoll, Siberian, and RagaMuffin owners. Its a work in progress, so please keep checking for updates.
Hi Heather, Just a short note to let you know that our seal ragdoll girl that we bought from you has well and truly settled. She is lovely and full of fun. The children absolutely adore her and she loves them. Thank you so much for a lovely cat. We are seriously considering getting a second, do you have any left at the moment? girl or boy. Thanks again Julia.
Tim's reaction to most cats was mild, but his partner Clair's was severe.  They chose a kitten from Abrikos and Kochab. Tim says - 'Well Heidi has completely settled in and has been since the second day. She goes all over the house, follows me around, and will snuggle to either of us. I've never heard such a loud purring, especially as she is so small!! Tim.
Clair says - 'Aria has some favourite spots by the radiator and on the back of the sofa. Another favourite is my lap, whenever I sit down for 2 minutes. She loves my daughter's remote control car, which she can chase around the house forever
We had Silkiestar Silverbear - (Kasper). He is so placid and loving, he has learnt how to open door handles and play hide and seek. My allergies are quite bad towards cats, but I have had no problems :)  

July 2011.
Mr. Alexander and family had a grand-daughter of our beautiful Aglaya Chinga Tura. They wrote me a lovely message which I have to share. 'One week on and Mathilde has bought so much joy to us. She is a lovely mixture of into everything and laying in our laps purring away to her hearts content. She is a lovely healthy girl and our vet was delighted to see her first Siberian. The whole process of obtaining a kitten was made pleasurable by your open nature and willingness to answer our 'daft' questions. Given how beautiful Mathilde looks even at this age and how her personality is exactly as you described we can only thank you for letting us have one of your treasured kittens and for the professional approach you adopted to matching us with the right kitten. She will have a lovely life and already has put the dog in his place - thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a perfect, healthy and lovable girl. If anyone wants to talk to us about your kittens we are more than happy to speak with them. Best wishes Julian, Diane and Abi.'  
 June 2011. Just to let you know how well Lola has settled in. She spends her days relaxing in the conservatory or the cool dining room........ she is now stretched out on the bed!.           -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------        June 2012. Kathryn wrote: I thought I would give you a little update on our 2 lovely kittens. Boris and Sacha are such amazing little cats, so playfull, so friendly.After a few sneezes when we first got them home, Tom has adapted very well and no signs of allergy at all which is great.
December 2012. The boys are now almost 6- fully grown and have lovely full coats.We are considering a white kitten this summer.We thought we would send you recent pictures of the kittens we had from you. Bruce
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   December 2012.Poppys little boy Boris has settled in sooooo well. So quickly too.We are totaly in love with him, especially our daughter. We could not beleive we finally got her a kitten.Boris loves her to bits, so relaxed with her, he lets her carry him around like a teddybear and plays with her some great games. Thank you so much. The Candy family.