White RagaMuffins June 05, 2011
This week has been so special - we have White RagaMuffins.  Pictures will be available soon.  ... [MORE]

White Siberians December 28, 2010
  White Siberian cats are very rare. I am so happy to announce that on 2nd April 2010, (just one day before my birthday), my lovely white... [MORE]

Chico has a girlfriend May 30, 2010
At last, our long awaited pure bred RagaMuffin has arrived.She is to be the girlfriend of Chico. She is an absolute sweetheart, and has settled in v... [MORE]

Our RagaMuffins arrive April 30, 2009
News update. April 2009 -  we welcome our first RagaMuffin into our home. Rivendell Chikala Mato (Little Bear) has arrived from ... [MORE]

Raphael's Success Story February 14, 2009
Below is our home bred boy UK & Imperial Grand Champion Silkiestar Raphael, owned and shown to perfection by Sue Jones. 'Raffy' h... [MORE]