Important facts. 
We understand you may wonder why some pedigree kittens are more expensive than those advertised at a far lesser price elsewhere. There is a valid reason for this.
Breeders that are members of a official registering body have to adhere to a code of ethics.
Purchasing a kitten from such a breeder means the kitten you are taking home should be:
At least 13 weeks old.
Health checked and usually fully vaccinated.
Up to date on worm/flea prevention treatment.
The kitten should be healthy and have been raised and socialised with care and attention.
Both feline parents should be registered with one of the official registering bodies and your kittens registration papers should have been applied for.
Your kitten will have a full 5 generation pedigree.
Such devoted careing breeders will have loved that kitten from the moment he or she was born, they care about the welfare and future of the 'babies' they have bred. Any kitten you purchase from such a breeder will then be a certified pedigree kitten - not a cross breed pretending to be a pedigree.
Please be aware of back street breeders who sell unregistered moggie kittens and say they are pedigrees. You could be paying a smaller purchase price for such a kitten, but you are buying a lot of heartache and problems. There are many 'scammers' advertising kittens on free advertising sites. If a kitten is for sale at a greatly reduced price and seems to good to be true...it is very likely just that...too good to be true...and a scammer of BYB. Buyer Beware!!!
Please telephone or email for up to date information on any kittens available.
Tel:   Mobile: 07411 682 524 or email: [email protected]